Deep Cleaning Service

A deep clean is recommended for the first visit. Our deep clean includes all the services of our standard clean, plus all the extra services listed below. This in-depth cleaning will get your home back in virtual brand new condition. After undergoing a deep clean, our standard service will keep your house in tip-top shape. This service is also ideal for before and after celebrations.

Our Service include

Deep Cleaning Services

Baseboards Cleaning

We wash and clean your residential baseboards to make your house bright. the best house deep cleaning service in Las Vegas.

Windows Cleaning

We clean interior and exterior windows.

Refrigerator Cleaning

We do a deep clean in your refrigerator, sanitizing it and organizing your food.

Blinds and Drapes

We wash them and/or do a deep clean.

Furniture Dust Cleaning

We will make sure to dust any decor or furniture you have at your residence.

Kitchen interior cabinets

Extra charge to clean and organize everything inside kitchen cabinets