Every house needs to be cleaned occasionally to keep its inmates safe from health hazards. However, cleaning a home is a troublesome task amidst a hectic professional and personal life. But with the right tools, you can make the job as easy as it can be. but always you can trust Marymen Cleaning Services for house cleaning in Las Vegas. 

House Cleaning in Las Vegas

Marymen Cleaning Services the best option for house cleaning in Las Vegas, it si why we are given below is a list of 10 essential cleaning tools that are a must-have for your home for effortless cleaning in case you desire to do it:

  1. A squeeze 

A squeeze comes in handy in removing soap scums from your bathroom tiles and keeping them shiny. It also helps in removing water droplets from your shower doors and mirrors.

For pet owners, a squeeze is very helpful in getting rid of fur and hair from furniture and carpets.

Another use of a squeeze is in the kitchen to clean your sink area to keep it blockage free and for cleaning large windows.

  1. Sponge

A good sponge is essential for cleaning rough dirty surfaces be it your kitchen slab, your sink, or bathroom tiles. Go for a sponge with an abrasive side or a silicon sponge that is highly durable and helps in cleaning with less soap or detergent.

  1. A broom and a dustpan

A broom can help you sweep your dry floors (especially of wooden floors or ones with tiles) in no time and get rid of all the dust. Accumulate them at a place and take the help of a dustpan to pick that all up at without much hassle.  A broom serves very useful in quickly getting rid of your pet hair and fur from the floor.

  1. A bucket and a mop

Moreover, it is always advised to clean your floors with water once in a while after sweeping. This is where a bucket and a mop serve their purpose. Use the bucket to carry around water from one room to another.

When you are not using your bucket, use it to store all other small tools and equipment.

  1. Microfiber cloths

The gentle texture of microfiber clothes is good for cleaning hard surfaces including steel and glass items without leaving any scratches. They also help in drying wet surfaces in no time just like towels.

  1. Vacuum cleaner/dustbuster

A vacuum cleaner or a dustbuster is essential for getting rid of all the dirt and bags of dust from areas, which are difficult to access with simple equipment. They help in vacuuming areas like couches, carpets, baseboards, and other problematic areas.

A vacuum is not required every time you clean your house but is quite essential for deep cleaning.

  1. Spray bottle

Spray bottles are essential for keeping your solutions ready whenever you need to rinse anything in your home. This saves your time in preparing the solution every time you need to clean a dirty spot. Spray bottles are also useful for cleaning your plants and keeping them pest-free.

  1. Scrub brush

An all-purpose scrub brush can do wonders on tile, tubs, and any surface with tough stains.

You can also keep one especially for getting rid of hardened food in your kitchen counter.

  1. Rubber gloves

A set of rubber gloves will keep your hands from dealing with all the chemicals and dirt coming your way. It is always advised to perform certain cleaning tasks wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands from skin diseases, cut marks, and burns.

  1. Toilet brush and holder

A toilet brush is a lifeline of a clean and sparkling toilet bowl without putting in much effort to it. Just spill some liquid spray and rub the surface with the brush. When not using it, you can simply store it on the holder at a corner of your toilet.

  1. Cleaning solutions

For deep cleaning sessions, you need to have certain cleaning solutions at your disposal to get the desired results. They can be both organic and chemical base. A few must-have cleaning solutions for your home are:

  • Glass cleaners: they are specially designed for keeping your mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces free of marks.
  • Wood cleaner: You can have some superior wood cleaning sprays and solutions to protect your expensive wooden furniture and cabinets for termites and keeping the shine alive.
  • Vinegar: The disinfectant properties of vinegar makes it a great replacement of chemical products for cleaning greasy dirt from hard surfaces.
  • Antibacterial spray: Antibacterial sprays are a must keeping your floors and tiles free from germs and bacteria.
  • Tile cleaner: These solutions are specially designed for cleaning tiles without damaging the texture making them look all new.

If you need help with house cleaning in Las Vegas or House cleaning in Henderson, NV.  You can trust on Marymen Cleaning Services. (702) 245-9693

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